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A Brother's Promise

       2018 Gold Medal       Winner! 

       -Global Ebook Awards

Edited by Nancy Cassidy

Edited by Nancy Cassidy


Caroline Bradley’s dreams of having a family are shattered when she loses her husband to a horrific accident. On his deathbed, he’d written her a letter, pleading with her in a shocking request. Now she’s torn between honoring her late husband’s wishes and her most secret feelings. 

Elijah Bradley had one goal in mind—improve his ranch with the innovative plan to raise bison along with the cattle he and his brother once herded. His brother’s death changes everything. All his plans are gone, leaving him only with the promise he made to his dying brother. 

Will love conquer these two lost souls? Or will the obligation set before them ruin any chance for happiness?

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https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/A Brother's Promise




My Forbidden Mentor

Edited by Dawna Conner

Edited by Dawna Conner

In 1820 England, Melissa Howard disguises herself so she can participate in racing thoroughbreds. Focused on winning she doesn't think twice about participating in a sport traditionally banning women, and is quite confident that she won't be noticed. But she is noticed, and not for the reasons she expected.

Lord Blackburn has a good eye for promising, talented riders. As a trainer he can't help but track down the rider who almost beat his horse in the last race.

It's an explosive collision when these two meet at the racetrack! The highly sought after thoroughbred trainer doesn't appreciate the set down this naive, whimsical young lady gives him. Even more intriguing is the proposition, this girl from the country makes, to this lord from Richmond.  Positively Scandalous!

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https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/My Forbidden Mentor



Mail Order Husband

Edited by Dawna Conner

Edited by Dawna Conner

Seeds of love are being planted on a Colorado farm, but will love grow and blossom between a rebel bookkeeper and a devoted farm girl as they are forced to weather the storm of an emotional past? 

It takes dedication and hard work to run a farm, and Susan Rhinehart can attest to that since every morning she rises before dawn at the lively persistence of her rooster’s crowing. With the death of her parent’s, over a year ago, Susan is more determined than ever to keep the family farm going, along with her companion, a Labrador retriever named Katie. 

You’ve got to get your hands dirty when you’re a farmer and Jesse Irvine has recently committed to doing so. Unsatisfied with the lifestyle he’s been accustom to, this bookkeeper is longing for a significant change in his life, and on impulse he responds to a local ad for a mail order husband who’s willing to help on a Colorado farm.

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