I'm a Southern California gal, born and raised. I have a passion for writing meaningful, romantic stories about men and women who discover each other and find everlasting love. 

 I read my first romance novel as a young girl and I've been hooked ever since. How can you go wrong with a happily ever after ending? Well, my desire to read them grew into wanting to write my own stories. I imagined characters and their unique challenges and would jot down ideas, but that's as far as I got because I met, and married, my own real life hero. I put a writing career on hold to pursue a small manufacturing business with my husband. I learned a lot about making aerospace parts, driving a forklift, and bookkeeping, but my heart still yearned to write. 

At present I am working on writing my next adventure! I find inspiration from my wonderful husband, and our beloved Labrador retrievers.