A Dance with the Lawman by Laura Mills

Edited by Nancy Cassidy

Rachel Martin is devastated by her husband’s untimely death. Day after day she is burdened with the grim reality that her unborn child will be fatherless. Now she has no choice but to travel with her mother-in-law to the town of Kingman in Arizona. There she meets the sheriff, a man who challenges her at every turn, and who changes her life in ways she never anticipated. 

Levi Ramsey is the lawman of Kingman and is content in his daily routine until a young widow arrives and flips his world upside down. He vows to protect her, but can he protect his own heart in the process? 

They come to a compromise that satisfies both of their urgent necessities, but another tragedy threatens to topple their newfound peace. Do Levi and Rachel have a future together?




by Pikasho Deka for Readers’ Favorite

Author Laura Mills merges romance and drama with a helping of Southern charm in this compelling love story. A Dance With the Lawman will entertain romance and historical fiction lovers alike. Mills' prose combines seamlessly with an unhurried narrative, and it makes for a smooth reading experience. From the first page onwards, you get to know the main characters and their backstories, and Mills gives them agency and makes their actions and motives easy to discern. Rachel and Levi's relationship has the primary narrative focus, with their distinct personalities creating friction and drama that is delicious to consume. I also enjoyed the dynamic between Rachel and Louise. Overall, this is the kind of slow-burn storytelling that I love. If you're a romance reader who loves stories set in a historical period, this one will be right up your alley!